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For First-time Visitors to Araki Jinja

GPS systems in smartphones and cars provide directions to the wrong location.
Please enter your destination as "Sanba Inari." Then follow the map displayed to arrive at the shrine.
For details, please visit our "Directions and Parking" page.
In addition, Araki Jinja does not provide Goshuin. *Goshuin are stamps given at shrines and temples as proof of visitation.

For the time being, only one fox oracle will be given to each worshiper.

Award reception hours
1/1 only 6:00-17:00
From 1/2 onwards Regular hours 9:00-17:00

First prayer reception time

New Announcements and Notices

Araki Jinja
12-3, Fukakusakaidoguchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
FAX: 075-644-0170
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