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Keijin Tomei Lecture

What is the Keishin Tomei Lecture?

It is a lecture at Araki Jinja that worships the enshrined deities 

If you pay the first prayer fee for one year, you will receive a monthly prayer free of charge when you visit our shrine. 

In addition, we will hold a monthly prayer and send a sign every month to those who did not worship every month.

For those who applied, a guardian sign after the Fall Festival(amulet)Will be awarded.


Prayer ceremony fee for 1 year: 12,000 yen
Please apply for one year from 11/1 to 10/31 of the following year.
Even if you enroll or withdraw from the lecture, the tuition fee will not be refunded.

How to apply

Reiwa 2 (first year of Reiwa November (11) to Reiwa 2 October (10))
If you would like to enter a new lecture, we will send you information, so please apply from the mail form. 
Araki Jinja
12-3, Fukakusakaidoguchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
FAX: 075-644-0170
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