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Godliness votive light scheme

With the godliness votive light scheme

It is the scheme that veneration performs of the gods of the Araki Jinja enshrined deity

Free, all of you hold a monthly prayer at the time of worship in our Shinto shrine when I have you pay a minute for prayer money offered to God charges one year. 

In addition, I hold a monthly prayer and send the mark to the one where it was not gone and worshiped at to the moon every month.

In addition, I confer goshumamorifu (charm) of the big festival on one applied for in a fall.


Prayer money offered to God charges one year 12,000 yen
Please apply for October 31 as one year in the next year from November 1.
​ Even if it is done nyuko, taiko halfway, I cannot pay back the scheme costs.

Application method

2020 (until from November, 2019 to October, 2020)
As the person of the nyuko hope sees off a guide newly, apply than an email form. 
 Notice application
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