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Lighting a fire skewer

About a lighting a fire skewer

There is the lighting a fire skewer to one bundle as (30th) for one month. A lighting a fire prayer does that all of you were prayed for for one month.
For one year, six months, I accept the 3-month application.
Prayer money offered to God charges one month 1,000 yen
      Three months 3,000 yen
      Six months 6,000 yen  
      One year 12,000 yen
Please apply to a food and wine offered to the gods conferment place.

Application by the transfer

The one having difficult worship accepts a lighting a fire skewer application in a postal transfer by circumstances.
Please remit prayer money offered to God charges in a postal transfer after the application than a lighting a fire skewer application form.
I do a lighting a fire prayer from the next day of the remittance confirmation. When you want, please fill so out the remarks column from the beginning of the month.
※ Postal transfer takes approximately 3 days to arrive.
※ Please bear the transfer fee.

Please refer for any questions over an email form or a telephone.
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