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Araki Jinja history


The first main shrine
When it was enshrined in Inariyama, it is said to the thorn valley of Inariyama that religious service did a wild soul of the Inari Okami more, and, as for the Araki Jinja, Inari Okami continues up to the present day on a day on the Hatsuuma for sum four years if it depends on old yorino legend. In addition, I called the soul of the wild soul with a tree, and a tree came to call that I became Araki of the present name with "a tree" again from the place that grew thick in Inariyama.
An Araki Jinja main shrine and front shrine of the Taisho era

It was from the Meiji early days that it was made religious service in a form like today and did three gods of Araki Okami, Shirasuna Okami, the Aratama Okami with the chief god in removing and rebuilding shitaru main shrine and a front shrine from Kyoto Imperial Palace and the management of Inariyamakanyuuchi was left with enlightenment upbringing of the faith and performed it. Several points are remaining to the furniture which was used to change attire or the sketched picture now at that time when there are the comings and goings of the court noble and was able to come to Inariyama.


State of the new main shrine laying the roof festival

I build a shrine office afterward in 1954 and am completed in a new main shrine as of 1953 and do repair work of in front of main hall prayer in 1963 and maintain start, construction to repair a front shrine to a kagura hall, the mound for precincts maintenance from 1972 and continue up to the present day.

State of the precincts at the time of the new main shrine architecture
1963 prayer repair
Araki Jinja
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