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The History of Araki Jinja


The first shrine
According to ancient legend, Araki Jinja has worshiped the soul of Inari Okami in Ibaradani, Mt. Inari since the time when Inari Okami was enshrined on Inariyama in Wado 4, to today. The current name of Araki comes from the soul kanji of Mitama is also read as "tree," and from the place where trees grow on Mt. Inari, it changed to be the "tree" kanji.
Araki Jinja shrine and worship hall in the Taisho era

It was worshiped in the form of today from the early Meiji era, and the main gods of the three pillars of Araki Okami, Shirasuna Okami, and Aratama Okami were the main gods in the shrine and worship hall relocated from the Kyoto Imperial Palace. He has also been entrusted with the management of Inariyama government-owned land. At that time, there were also public houses coming and going, and when I came to Mt. Inari, there are still some furniture and pictures that were used to change my clothes.


State of the new shrine building festival

After that, the office was built in Showa 29, the new shrine was completed as of Showa 28, the prayer hall in front of the main shrine was renovated in Showa 38, and the precincts were improved in Showa 47. Construction work to renovate the hall of worship into a Kagura hall and maintenance of Mitsuka have been carried out to this day.

State of the precincts at the time of construction of the new shrine
Showa 38 Renovation of the prayer hall
Araki Jinja
12-3, Fukakusakaidoguchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
FAX: 075-644-0170
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