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God of the precincts

God Ashikaga Inari Daimyoujin of the low back pain

This God was displayed in the courtyard of Machiya in the south of the Imperial Palace as a garden lantern originally. In about 1965, the family appealed to the master that there was the ghost of the armor-clad warrior, but place that I did not take, all the family were not able to get up for unidentified low back pain. Then one day an unknown Buddhist priest visited and was left saying "put this garden lantern in the Araki Jinja of Inariyama because there was the cause on the garden lantern of the garden.". Therefore the name with "Ashikaga Inari Daimyoujin" "Bo of putting it" was carved with when I dug up the garden lantern of the garden approximately 50 centimeters in height. The garden lantern was carried to our Shinto shrine, but the stonemason who did this work was not able to also get up for low back pain. The chief priest at the time just put it next to a thought, the present washroom to enshrine it in another place, and to do it, but a wife of doing a believer manager in those days this time could not get up for low back pain, and an armor-clad warrior appeared in the dream, and it was said, "tell a chief priest when you wanted the present place to worship him". The low back pain of all the members is cured as soon as the chief priest who heard it enshrined a garden lantern in the current place and thereafter gathers faith as "God curing low back pain".

Syuse Mimamori Fudoumyouou 36 Doji


It is the image of Inari Okami and the figure training itself of the deep "propagating Buddhism Great Teacher sky sea" of the relationship.

God Yakuichi Okami of disease recovery and the relationship limit

God of the disease recovery.
A disease is cured; with the medicine because asked to break, is said to be God of the relationship limit.

shinyo**inekadaishin (tenseninariokami) of the peace

This God is said to be God settling war; in a kanji of "*" in a kanji of "quiet it" "*" called "a fire by the war" have a meaning.

It is thought that I pray for early peace because it is 1941 (Showa 16), age of the Pacific War outbreak of war that this shrine was erected and was erected.

Araki Jinja
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