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Deities of the Grounds

God of back pain Ashikaga Inari Daimyoujin

This god was originally displayed as a lantern in the tsubo-niwa of a townhouse in the south of the Imperial Palace. Around Showa 40, a family member complained to his husband that a ghost of an armored warrior appeared, but when the master did not listen, all the family members could not get up due to back pain of unknown cause. Then one day, a strange monk visited me and said, "The cause is the lantern in the garden, so please put this lantern in Araki Jinja on Inariyama." When they dug up a lantern in the garden about 50 cm high, the engraved names "Ashikaga Inari Daimyoujin" and "Okunobo" were found on it. The lanterns were brought to our shrine, but the stone dealer who did this job also had a backache and couldn't get up. The priest at that time thought that he would hold a festival in a different place from now, so he placed it next to the current Chozuya, but this time the wife of the person who was taking care of the believers at that time couldn't get up because of back pain, and an armored warrior appeared in her dream and said, "Tell the priest to worship at your current location." As soon as the priest who heard it worshiped the lantern at the current location, all the back pain was healed, and since then, he has been worshiped as "the god who heals the back pain".

Syuse Mimamori Fudoumyouou 36 Doji


It is a statue of "Kobo Daishi Kukai" who is closely related to Inari Okami during his training.

Yakuichi Okami, the god of healing and sickness

God of healing from illness.
It is also said to be the god of breaking ties because he asked him to heal his illness and break the ties with medicine.

God of Peace Inari Okami

This god is said to be the god who governs the war, and the kanji for "塡" means "appeasement" and the kanji for "燹" means "fire caused by war." 
This shrine was erected in Showa 16, the year of the beginning of the Pacific War, so it seems that it was erected in the hope of early peace.
Araki Jinja
12-3, Fukakusakaidoguchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
FAX: 075-644-0170
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