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A Happy New Year.

Category:Festival event,Conferment product
From Friday, January 1, 2021 7:00 a.m.
saikochi did New Year's ceremony.

A Happy New Year.
It is often different from usual, but appreciates that the New Year was greeted safely in various ways.
In Fushimiinari, the snow does not fall, but severe cold continues. February 3, this year is Hatsuuma feast day. I want to push forward preparations well while being careful about physical condition.

I uploaded the new conferment product "sick recovery Yakuichi Okami lucky charm" on the page of the conferment product. It is the lucky charm of the card type that designed plum blossoms and bamboo.  
Food and wine offered to the gods (food and wine offered to the gods to God of the precincts) of Geku
Sick recovery Yakuichi Okami lucky charm

The last day of the year

Category:Festival event,Ordinary
It was the last day of the year in 2020 made fun of to new coronavirus. Snow is piled up slightly, and it was very cold morning, but the preparations to greet the New Year advance without delay.
If it is usual, the train of the driving seems to stop this year daylong in the middle of the night and may be puzzled for New Year holidays unusual in various ways, but thinks that you can pray well safely.
I was ready to have an acting as a go-between doll.
As for the paper fortune, space is plentiful.
Full paper fortune

Apron of followers

When it is this time, an apron of followers in Inariyama is exchanged for a new thing. It is the thing which was dedicated with thanks and prayer who it is, on earth will the followers of how much number come to Inariyama? A bright red apron adds a color to Inariyama that colored leaves ended again.

It is the preparations for New Year holidays

Category:Nature ,Others
If acting as a go-between Inari Corporation Thanksgiving Day is over, it is the preparations for New Year holidays.
I changed it this year as an apron of Fudo arrived from Suematsu posture state. I want to greet the New Year with a new feeling with a pure white apron.
It was the season when you may say, but colored leaves still leave the last beauty for going already in winter an approach to a shrine before the Araki Jinja. If north wind blows, I am scattered in no time, but seem to be able to enjoy it a little more.

saikochi did acting as a go-between Inari Corporation Thanksgiving Day.

Category:Festival event
From Sunday, December 6, 2020 8:00 a.m.
saikochi did acting as a go-between Inari Corporation Thanksgiving Day.
I take away returned much acting as a go-between dolls by the end of the year and put it back to the soil. 
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