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I was ready for the ring of the Japanese nutmeg.

Category:Festival event,Ordinary
I made the ring of the Japanese nutmeg on June 27.
I was shameless, and a ring of very reliable Kaya was completed this year. A worshiper passed promptly as soon as it was completed and was purified. I think that there is much Kaya who can come to evade a ring probably because of new coronavirus this year. It was sometimes waited, but everybody opens distance voluntarily and waits. The ring of the Japanese nutmeg sets it up until July 5.
I changed the paper appendix.
I arranged it in an artificial flower and changed it.

A roof was done in Kuchiire Inari Okami.

A roof was done in Kuchiire Inari Okami.
The prayer of the rainy day came to be able to be slow, too.
It became bright even after a day went down as I exchanged the lighting for a new thing as I put a board of the transparence on the roof without it becoming dark.
Inariyama after moving regulation is canceled is a moderate crowd on Saturday and Sunday, but, on weekdays, is quieter. The mountain that you wear a mask is slightly toilsome, but when there are few people, you take off a mask and breathe the air of the mountain much and cleanse heart and soul and have power much, and please return. .

It is annual every month

Category:Festival event,Ordinary
Of the change of the every month annual paper appendix and the flower arranged it, and a substitute was possible.
Worshipers increased by some Inariyama. I cannot feel relieved yet, but want to regain daily life while being careful enough.
With guiding you in a festival event, the page of the Nagoshisai, but everybody gathering this year; "pass through the ring of the Japanese nutmeg, and will not perform Shinto ritual". This is because it avoids "crowd" of the prevention of new coronavirus infection spread. As "the ring of the Japanese nutmeg" sets it up from July 1 to July 5, you pass respectively, and please purify it.

The new conferment product was done.

Category:Conferment product,News
At last declaration of a state of emergency released Kansai, but is still quiet Inariyama. I was it so that and the student who came for worship for lack of exercise cancellation in addition to a regular customer from the past ran for training early in the morning and seemed to come back to old Inariyama a little.
The Japanese towel of the new conferment product that I ordered was completed. I enter in Araki Jinja, and a pair of stone guardian dogs along an approach to a shrine is a model. I made it powerful in a monotone cool, but how about?
Inari is the image of "the fox", but a lot of pairs of stone guardian dogs are in Inariyama unexpectedly, too. In Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine of the time called an offering from an official big shrine, a pair of stone guardian dogs was presented to the entrance before the war. This pair of stone guardian dogs is still presented near the charm place and can see it. What I look for for prayer in the occasion when I was able to come as the pair of stone guardian dogs of various figures is presented to a mound of Inariyama may be interesting.

Jewel after rain

Intense rain fell last night, but it was a drizzle in morning. I was able to look at the cobweb such as the beautiful race in many places of the precincts after rain. A small drop was totally like the jewel.
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