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The garden plant is refreshing, too

I had you care for Ueki of the precincts from 19th of this week through 21st. I felt fine this year as there was much rain, and leaves grew thick well. The worship increases by fine autumn refreshing weather today, too. The preparations for big festival advance in an autumn, too. I get a grip by infection measures and will pray comfortably.

It was October.

It was October. Kyoto is chilly in the evening in the morning, but sweats openly nicely in the daytime. Some worshipers increased, but are quieter Inariyama on weekdays. School excursion life increases in front of a main hall of Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine, and gaiety seems to return a little.
I changed God appendixes as usual on the end of the month and I arranged a flower of Kobo in flower arrangement after a long absence and exchanged it with real estate.
It is just an inch to colored leaves. I will be careful about health.

It is the clear autumn sky

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Refreshing good weather continues in the consecutive holidays of September. Quiet Inariyama regains gaiety with yesterday or today and a moderate crowd after a long absence. I feel that the flow of the cloud turns from the summer sky into an autumn sky all too soon, and the sky rose.
There was the station of the streetcar in old days on the bridge built over the Lake Biwa channel on the way to Keihan Fushimi-Inari Station by Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine. I come to be able to see the track of the old streetcar which the repair work of the bridge is carried out, and was unknown this year. A streetcar was running at the place that became the park and intersected Keihan Railway now. It is pleasant to think about Kyoto 50 years ago.

It is annual every month

Of the change of the every month annual paper appendix and the flower grew, and did a substitute. It was hot and humid, and temperature became 30 degrees Celsius at 9:00 in the morning from morning, and the highest temperature exceeded 36 degrees Celsius today. Attention is more necessary for heat stroke.
The flower of Fudo was an artificial flower, but arranged it to put a cosmos, a gentian, a bellflower, and to feel autumn.


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It is Kyoto of the cloudy sky and Osaka of the morning sun from Inariyama
Rain is Kyoto of intermittent unstable weather from influence of the typhoon or yesterday. I feel it when it became slightly cool, but the highest temperature is still 35 degrees Celsius. It is 28 degrees Celsius at 6:00 in the morning. However, it is a big difference at 39 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius! I settled the outside work that was not added a hand to because of intense heat yesterday. The chief priest cleaned a small pavilion with water and ladles and the approach to a shrine with a high pressure washing machine, and the precincts were refreshing as the son tried pruning, me of the garden plant hard with mowing. I am worried about the course of the typhoon, too, but look forward to worship.
The first acorn fell into the approach to a shrine this year today. In autumn. I discover the dead mamushi incidentally. Were you deceived by a cat? Rarely usually see it on an approach to a shrine, but this year is the third of them. Please be careful to deviate from the approach to a shrine light, and not to step into the grass. 
It is before mowing
After the mowing
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