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It became quite cool.

In morning and evening, I cooled down considerably. It became easy to spend time in the daytime without exceeding 35 degrees centigrade. Is it early this year that autumn comes?
I was ready to finish the annual work on the end of the month, and to greet the people of visit to day every month. There may be many worshipers tomorrow as it is Sunday of the day.
You changed the paper appendixes of the conferment place, but do you know it? I changed some positions of the Shinto straw festoon highly this time. A tall foreign country a lot of head has been caught. In fact, the door of the new public toilet becomes tall. A door frame had the trace which I hit a forehead on before. Would it become easy to use even a little?
I had such a souvenir the other day toward China where I was able to come to for prayer. It is like the lucky charm of Chinese, being constipated. A thing transmitted with Buddhism is said to have developed originally, and the decoration end similar to this of Japan is used for a lucky charm and the decoration of the Shinto shrine in old days by China.
The meaning of "I am constipated" is the same in both Japan and China. I value it.

It is hot every day!

It is hot every day! Today's Kyoto is 38 degrees centigrade!
The time when the dog walking gradually departed became early. I go up to Yotsutsuji before the sun finishes still rising. When it is this time, the air of the mountain is still chilly a little and is comfortable. I found Veronica Schmidtiana and a beetle this morning on an approach to a shrine. Numbers seem to decrease, but can sometimes see it in this way recently. It is glossy and is cool.
Veronica Schmidtiana

It was August.

A hot day more than 35 degrees centigrade continues every day.
Of the change flower of the paper appendix which is annual every month on the end of the month grew, and finished the general cleaning of the spare precincts, but was drenched with sweat when moved a little.
I will spend time for heat stroke carefully sufficiently.
The repair work of the public toilet which you began from last month was over and came to be able to use it from today.

Full-scale summer came over.

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The neighborhood of Yotsutsuji this morning
The rainy season was over, and full-scale summer came over to Kyoto. It becomes the heat more than 35 degrees centigrade day after day. People of the visiting mountains are soaked with sweat, too. I get a grip by heat stroke measures, and please come. As there is a shower almost every day recently, humidity is fully opening, too.
I watched a festival after the Gion festival in the occasion of the errand on 23rd. As there was less number of mountain and pikes than a previous festival, there were few tourists and was able to observe it slowly. However, it was hot! 
Morning glory of three ball bowers of three crossroads
Mt. Gion festival Minamikanon

I did kaetsusaisaikochi.

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"I evaded the ring of the Nagoshisai Japanese nutmeg and performed saikochi of Shinto ritual" without delay on Sunday, July 7. I had you attend many people this year. I sent the ring of the home Japanese nutmeg to the people who were not able to go and worship today. Severe summer be got over well. 
I waited for the one which I reroofed it, and construction, Nagoshisai ended in of the roof of the shrine office from the end of last month and began the repair work of the public toilet on Monday. As the shrine office was out of a tile in a typhoon of the last year as 60 old, I reroof it to a copper sheet from a current tile. I change the place that used half of the building for the warehouse to the men's room, and the public toilet enlarges the space and increases the numbers of the restroom and repairs it in the Western style restroom. I cause you inconvenience during construction for a while.
A heavy rain passed last night, but it was refreshing morning coolly. As atmosphere was clear when I went for a walk with dogs early in the morning to Yotsutsuji, I was able to see skyscrapers of distance Osaka. I was able to identify south abenoharukasu as north building group.
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