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Preparations for New Year holidays

Category:Festival event,Ordinary
It was the weather that it occasionally rains, but pushes forward the preparations for New Year holidays steadily today.
I put acting as a go-between dolls returned all over your circumference in order and cleaned it. You became slightly lonely, but must empty a place as you think much acting as a go-between dolls to be able to come for a return again for New Year holidays. I put back the returned acting as a go-between doll to the soil after a bonfire of old paper charms.
I repapered the rope which linked the paper fortune newly and arranged the votive tablet. It was already full.
I arranged the flower of Fudo and Kobo again. It is in a pine, a plum, 1,000 cars, ornamental cabbage for New Year holidays.

It is before cleaning
After the cleaning

It is December.

It ran short already this year. The preparations for New Year holidays advance in the Araki Jinja.
I changed it this year as an apron of Fudo arrived from Suematsu scheme state. The followers of the precincts are changed to a new apron, too. This has a person dedicating every year, and an apron of followers in Inariyama seems to be changed. On earth will the followers of how much number come in mountains?
Inari, Ashikaga is given glory to on a red nandin and sasanqua and becomes gorgeous. Still I can still see the colored leaves there here in Inariyama. The autumn colors of the back of Kobo are beautiful, too.

Colored leaves

Category:Festival event,Nature ,Ordinary
Lighting a fire festival of November 15
saikochi did lighting a fire festival without delay on big festival, November 15 in an autumn on November 1. The lighting a fire festival rescheduled it and did saiko in the morning with a few people, but it was surrounded by cameras of the foreign in a row when I noticed it incidentally and was surprised a little.
A color is bright, and the autumn colors of this year are beautiful recently probably because the temperature of morning and evening cooled down at a stretch. As in front of Araki Jinja changes color very last, it is the time, but can see the colored leaves which are wonderful there here a little more in Inariyama. Please go to the low dining table valley if you go up to Yotsutsuji of Inariyama. I can go in loose easing one easily from Yotsutsuji. The one that physical strength can afford, and wants to thoroughly enjoy colored leaves different in gangs is recommended to what go ahead through the ways from the low dining table valley to Kiyotaki.
Grew and changed the flower
Low dining table valley
Power of observation company
In front of Araki Jinja

It is annual every month

Of the change flower of every month common usage, the paper appendix grew, and was able to clean the spare precincts. I changed the bamboo blinds of Kagura in the gate book. Some precincts become gorgeous. Many people were able to come to Inariyama for worship by fine autumn refreshing weather today.
It is an autumn big festival of the Araki Jinja on November 1. I look forward to your worship.

Construction was over.

The reroofing construction of the roof of the shrine office was over in the end of September.
I still shine and shine, but I change in the brown such as the 10 yen coin if I do it for 1-2 months as it is copper covering a roof with shingles and calm down now. As I was lightweighted than tile-roofing with the former soil, there was the earthquake-resistant effect, too and became strong for the strong wind of the typhoon. I had a bamboo blind and the divider of the reception desk of the shrine office made newly.
A shiny roof is rare, or a photograph is taken backed by a foreign country a lot of shrine office.
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