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I did kaetsusaisaikochi.

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"I evaded the ring of the Nagoshisai Japanese nutmeg and performed saikochi of Shinto ritual" without delay on Sunday, July 7. I had you attend many people this year. I sent the ring of the home Japanese nutmeg to the people who were not able to go and worship today. Severe summer be got over well. 
I waited for the one which I reroofed it, and construction, Nagoshisai ended in of the roof of the shrine office from the end of last month and began the repair work of the public toilet on Monday. As the shrine office was out of a tile in a typhoon of the last year as 60 old, I reroof it to a copper sheet from a current tile. I change the place that used half of the building for the warehouse to the men's room, and the public toilet enlarges the space and increases the numbers of the restroom and repairs it in the Western style restroom. I cause you inconvenience during construction for a while.
A heavy rain passed last night, but it was refreshing morning coolly. As atmosphere was clear when I went for a walk with dogs early in the morning to Yotsutsuji, I was able to see skyscrapers of distance Osaka. I was able to identify south abenoharukasu as north building group.

I made the ring of the Japanese nutmeg.

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I made the ring of the Japanese nutmeg on June 26. Worship passed as soon as it was completed.
As I pass and perform the Shinto ritual on first Sunday of July, the ring of the Japanese nutmeg of the Araki Jinja is July 7 this year. Please go and worship till then as you can pass freely.
When I arrange a flower before and after the ring production of the Japanese nutmeg and change a paper appendix and clean the precincts between rain, I am doing it busily.
I rescued a metallic wood-boring beetle overturned in a puddle this morning. It is the jewel bug which became rare, but sees it occasionally this year recently. Will some numbers increase?

Speaking of the rainy season, it is a hydrangea

Hydrangea of the precincts
The hydrangea in the corner of the precincts has begun to bloom. I did not soak flowers very much all the time, but leaves well grow thick this year, and a big flower lets you bloom a lot. This may be because the tree of rotation is broken in a typhoon of the last year, and the sun improved.
The hydrangea of various colors and forms blooms in the neighborhood. The place of origin of the hydrangea is Japan, and a Japanese likes the hydrangea. 
The lower photograph is "a hydrangea collection" of the neighborhood.

The end of the month common usage

Of the change flower of the paper appendix which is annual every month by yesterday grew, and the cleaning of the spare precincts was over. It was a tropical day more than 30 degrees centigrade a few days ago, but was yesterday or today and one day that it was easy to spend cooling down a little.
I prepared for the guidance reputation of the Nagoshisai in the precincts. . You put the history of the Nagoshisai in the signboard in English and Chinese, but will you be reading the foreign country this year?

Roof repair of the rest station

The roof repair of the broken rest station terminated in the typhoon No.21 of the last year. I have you put a new copper sheet and shine to a bright shine. When time passes a little, it becomes the calm color, but is dazzling to eyes now.
The copperplate of the roof is rolled up by a strong wind of the typhoon No.21 and covered with a blue sheet all the time, but I have you repair it ahead of the rainy season and feel temporarily relieved.
As it became the suitable subject of the foreign one, the craftsman during the interval where I worked said with "embarrassed ...".
I tear off an old copper sheet and base.
I put the groundwork and a tarpaulin again.
I put a copper sheet one by one.
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