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It's already October

Category: Nature, Monthly
The wind is getting refreshing, but the sun is strong and it is still hot in Kyoto.The state of emergency has been lifted and the number of people has increased a little since October, but it is still far from the bustle of the past.However, it may be good for those who want to visit slowly.I am also taking pictures of the dogs walking through the Senbon Torii gate early in the morning.Before, it was very impossible to bring a dog with many people even in the early morning.
The season of autumn leaves is coming.For those who are usually shy, why don't you take a leisurely tour of the mountains now?

Encounter a turtle at Mitsutsuji

Monthly annual 

Category: Nature, Monthly
It was August, which was much cooler than usual due to heavy rain, but at the end of the month, Kyoto is still hot, with temperatures exceeding 35 ° C.Even so, the sky became higher and crickets began to sing instead of cicadas in the evening, and I began to feel autumn.It's a little more patience.
Due to the influence of the new corona, the number of people who climb the mountain has decreased, and it is a quiet Mt. Inari.Please continue to take measures against infection and heat stroke next month.


Category: Monthly
Monthly replacement of paper shide We were able to replace the flowers.
Summer has arrived in earnest.In Kyoto, the maximum temperature exceeds 36 degrees Celsius every day.In the basin of Kyoto, the wind is low and the humidity is high, so the sensible temperature feels even higher.Every day I work a little outside and I'm soaked in sweat and I'm careful about heat stroke.Don't forget to hydrate, take a break, and spray insect repellent to worship.

Kaya no Wa and monthly

Category: Festival events, monthly
I made a ring of Kaya on Sunday, June 6th.It looks like a rice ball, but a thick and splendid ring of kaya is completed.

Today, the monthly replacement of paper shide and the replacement of flowers have been completed.The weather is unstable and there are still few people in Mt. Inari, but the season is advancing.I hope you will be able to worship quickly and with peace of mind.

This year too ...

Category: Nature 
Kyoto is getting hot in earnest and summer is just around the corner, but this season is the wasp.This year, he built a nest in the middle of the ceiling of the Kagura hall.This is too dangerous and should be removed immediately.I hope it will be made in a place where it will not cause any damage to people ...
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