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It's a beautiful season for fresh greenery.

Category: Festivals, Nature, Monthly
The first day of Golden Week Unfortunately, it was raining in Kyoto. May 5st is the Spring Festival.Preparations are steadily progressing.
I'm sure the fresh green of Mt. Inari, which was washed by the rain, will be even more beautiful tomorrow.We look forward to your visit.

Cherry Blossoms

Category: Nature 
I forgot the image of this year's cherry blossoms, so it's up now.Partly because the spread prevention was lifted, there were a fair number of people during the cherry blossom season.As soon as the cherry blossoms fell, it became quiet, but what about his Golden Week?I can't predict, but I hope she enjoys the holidays while being careful.

Spring is just around the corner

Category: Nature, Monthly
Today is the last day in February, when the cold weather continued.It has become a little warmer during the day since yesterday.It was warm in the daytime today, and I heard the warbler's voice for the first time this year.There will be cold days in the future, but it seems that spring will come day by day.
But in the world, there are many worrisome things happening every day. Inside Mitsuka, which was dedicated to the precincts of Araki Jinja 
There is a god called Tensen Inari Okami.It was erected around the beginning of World War II.It makes me think about the meaning of this God's dedication.
We look forward to your visit in the hope of good health and peace in the day.

We went to the Hatsuuma Festival.

Category: Festival events
The Hatsuuma Festival was held from 2 am on February 10th.

There are many snowy days this year, and cold days continue every day, but the setsubun has passed and the plum buds have been colored and have come a little.You can hear the footsteps of spring that much.However, the infection of the new corona has also spread.Some believers have become positive or have been recognized as close contacts and could not come to worship.We still have to be careful and prevent infection.

It snowed in Kyoto as well.

Category: Nature 
With the snow that started falling last night, the precincts are also covered with snow this morning.
The temperature dropped to -1 ° C, so I could see snowflakes, which is rare in Fushimi Inari, but when the sun rose, it began to melt in a blink of an eye.There is not much snow on the approach road, but it is slippery, so be careful of your feet and wear non-slip shoes.
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