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Roof repair of the rest station

The roof repair of the broken rest station terminated in the typhoon No.21 of the last year. I have you put a new copper sheet and shine to a bright shine. When time passes a little, it becomes the calm color, but is dazzling to eyes now.
The copperplate of the roof is rolled up by a strong wind of the typhoon No.21 and covered with a blue sheet all the time, but I have you repair it ahead of the rainy season and feel temporarily relieved.
As it became the suitable subject of the foreign one, the craftsman during the interval where I worked said with "embarrassed ...".
I tear off an old copper sheet and base.
I put the groundwork and a tarpaulin again.
I put a copper sheet one by one.

It is annual every month

Category:Nature ,Ordinary
Consecutive holidays began at last for 10 for Golden Week. Worship began to increase from yesterday, and Japanese increased at a stretch from today and were lively like New Year holidays. I finished the cleaning of the precincts early the other day and grew and changed a flower yesterday and changed a paper appendix this morning.
I had at last you change the eaves trough of Fudo damaged by a typhoon of the last year newly. There was much number of damage of the roof caused by the typhoon and waited in line so far. The shiny new eaves trough glistens with spring sunlight.
It was it and parent and child of the recently much-talked-about monkey, but young monkeys seemed to be captured. However, the damage that a monkey bit was not settled, and damage seemed to appear again in slightly north sen*ji from Fushimiinari a few days ago. I do not come out recently in Fushimiinari, but several monkeys still appear frequently around Higashiyama. Please be careful sequentially. 

Please be careful!

Parent and child of the nature monkey which appeared frequently around Inariyama from last year have been delivered for news of the nationwide broadcasting at last. Damage to be bitten by the pro-monkey which gets too close to young monkeys, and is going to protect young monkeys seems to be frequent. It is to watch out when I take a photograph as I approach the human being from oneself as the young monkeys fit a person when pretty. I appeared near Chion-in Temple until the other day, but seemed to move from yesterday to Inariyama again. I turned up around Araki Jinja this morning from three crossroads. You prevent you from matching eyes with a monkey without taking a photograph even if I find a monkey, and please leave it immediately.
The flower of the Yoshino cherry tree is over, but they still hang down, and a cherry tree and the late-blooming wild cherry tree bloom neatly soon. I look forward to worship.
The poster which was distributed from Kyoto-shi
Deep red drooping cherry tree
The late-blooming cherry tree has begun to bloom

It became slightly warm.

It was cold of the depth of winters until yesterday, but some today become warm, and will the cherry tree be a place called the coming out for five minutes, too? As a cherry tree stained with the setting sun was beautiful, I took a photograph. Went along the Kawabata Street along Kamogawa by car yesterday, but of the early blooming hung down, and cherry trees were in full blossom. It seems to become the cherry blossom viewing on a good day tomorrow as it seems to become warm.
A lot of famous spots of cherry tree are in Kyoto, but my recommendation is a path of the Lake Biwa running off water relationship to go to the north from Keihan Railway "Fukakusa Station". Furuki of the cherry tree lines in particular up on the thin way which only foot or a bicycle can go along a little around the north from "Toba-Kaido Station". There is few it and can take a walk through the person slowly, too.

Every month common usage 2

Category:Nature ,Ordinary
It was the day when cold rain fell from noon today. As for the cherry tree in Kyoto-shi, flowering seems to advance, but Inariyama is still just an inch by coming out here and there in in full bloom. Still the mountain is full of much prayer, too.
The change day before yesterday of the paper appendix annual every month yesterday of the flower of Fudo and Kobo grew, and did a substitute. Will it be only me that feel that it is spring-like when I put haze grass?
Of the cherry tree, besides, the Hanasaki ride precincts do well. White camellia niichihatsu, the maple produce a flower, too.
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