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Worshipers are back.

Category: Nature, Other
It's still hot in the middle of the day It's getting cold in the morning and evening.People have returned to Fushimi Inari after the restrictions on foreign tourists have been eased.A lot of people were enjoying the mountain tour this weekend, invited by the nice weather.Fushimi Inari area is a little early for autumn leaves, but it feels good to be on the mountain with the refreshing autumn breeze blowing.
The precincts of Araki Jinja also took care of the plants the other day It's refreshing and beautiful.We are looking forward to your visit.

Tomorrow is the day.

Category: Nature, Monthly
It's getting cooler in the morning and evening, but it's still hot in Kyoto during the day.The temperature in the daytime is still 30°C, so don't let your guard down.The autumn sun is particularly strong, and while he was careless, the sunburn marks on his sandals were clearly visible on him.
Monthly paper change The cleaning of the precinct is over.After a long time, she arranged fresh flowers for Mr. Fudo and Mr. Kobo.Tamasudare (also known as Rain Lily), which blooms all at once after it rains, is blooming beautifully this year as well.We are looking forward to your visit.
Japanese name Tamasudare aka Rain Lily 

It's getting a little cooler.

Category: Nature, Monthly
August, which was very hot, ended in a day.The cicadas and cicadas, which had been making loud noises, were replaced by the cries of the tsukutsukuboshi, and in the mornings and evenings, the cool voices of the crickets began to be heard.Yesterday morning, she had a chilly temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, but today, probably because of the typhoon, it's hot and humid, so he's a little more patient.
The monthly change of paper paper and the flower decapitation are over.We are getting ready for the day.
The daytime in Kyoto is still over 30 degrees Celsius.Please be careful and visit.Don't forget to take insect repellent measures as the bush mosquitoes are in great condition right now.

It's hot everyday.

Category: Monthly
The beginning of July was cooler than usual, but it's getting really hot. I feel a little overwhelmed by the temperature exceeding 35°C every day.Yet she was ready for the day. I'm worried about the infection of Corona, but I'm looking forward to seeing all of you while taking care of the infection prevention. Don't forget heat stroke and insect repellent!


Yesterday I made a chinowa from Nagoshisai.
I am proud to say that this year's chinowa came out in a very good shape.
Kyoto is hot with over 35 degrees Celsius every day.
Araki Jinja
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