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The hornet extermination seemed to go well Third time is lucky, but the visitor who was not invited came over once again.
This time "a monkey!"
When I arranged the trash box of the precincts on the morning of yesterday, the branch of the tree left basa tto on the head suddenly. As soon as is surprised, and see the top; in front a Japanese monkey!
I greatly open a mouth and threaten it with "key tsu!". I jumped to the roof of the warehouse which was next when I hurled the plastic bottle which I held in a hand unintentionally and escaped. When a chief priest rushed to hear my voice, four monkeys seemed to escape. When I threatened it, and I escaped, would you be going to hunt for a trash box?
I heard it when I began one on Inariyama more for several years, but was surprised as I did not appear around the Araki Jinja.
It is the animal which is cute as far as I see it, but may not be good each other when I get too close to a wild animal too much. As a child in particular and a woman, the elderly are aggressive, and they cost it, it is dangerous. Please be careful not to give food very much in Inariyama in an occasion of the worship for the disposal of the garbage.
The wild boar which there was not appears frequently so far recently. Attention in particular is necessary for night worship.
However, I do it because the material will face it from next next after beginning blog. Is glad; is in trouble (laugh)
As I will send the followup of the fox soon, please wait.

A hornet! part3

It was Kyoto where there was an intense shower day after day recently, but there was not great damage and seemed to finish it as I fitted in 2-3 hours. The fear of the various places of the Kyushu district attacked by the heavy rain that is more intense than this thinks with having been a thing more than my imagination. I pray for speedy restoration, revival.
The house is like the good year of the hornet this year whether it is such a strong rainy result.
The disposal that has the extermination come with blog on June 27, and the hornet still flies about the precincts though I was writing that I am reliable, and jumps into a main hall and the shrine office in this. I confirmed the hornet which went in and out of the garret from the contralateral under the eaves of the shrine office when I began to suspect whether this failed for the extermination. For some reason another hideout seems to be made. I had the second extermination come on July 5 if this was serious. I decided to set a getter because I could not see a nest then, and to see a state, but the bee began to make a new nest in the edge of the eaves on July 8 without decreasing, and a diameter has already become approximately 15cm. Therefore it became the third extermination today. It is a strategy to set a getter rather much this time as a bee may escape when a nest still removes it easily, and to exterminate.
As is expected, "I obtained it and have been able to learn it toward the person in charge of ward office with ... matadesuka!" when I asked three times a week.
I want you to do well "Third time is lucky"!
A hideout was made here.
I set the second extermination getter
I set the third extermination lot getter
The second nest


Category:Festival event
Speaking of June 30 of Kyoto harai of kaetsu and this "Minazuki." It is the Japanese sweet with the adzuki bean on the Uiro.
I eat natural ice stored in an icehouse given on June 30 in the Imperial Court and forgot heat in old days, but what made the cake which I modelled on ice because I do not get ice to general public is said to be an opening of the Minazuki.
In addition, it seemed to become indispensable with harai of kaetsu in summer of Kyoto because it was said that there were a good luck charm, the power of the charm in Shozu.
Though the chipped ice is delicious, I want to take good care of the traditional event cake.


I changed paper appendixes

I change paper appendixes (I do it and appear) in the Araki Jinja every month on the end of the month.
I broke paper attached to a Shinto straw festoon with the paper appendix. As is made of paper, as for one month, pass; tsutoyorettoshiteshimaunodesu. The new paper appendix feels good with shaki ttoshite, and 1st is reached.
It may be asked some question with the paper appendix toward foreign country. I answered with "the seal of the sanctuary", but I thought why it was such a form incidentally and checked it.
According to Wikipedia
"The paper appendix sends away a wicked thing reflecting the image of lightning, lightning when struck by lightning as rice is a breeding good harvest." There was it in this.
When I am said so, I am similar.
Because fruition time of the rice has much thunder, the word lightning seems to come, and it is revealed how rice was important for life of Japan.

I arranged a flower and made a substitute.

Grew and exchanged a flower of Kobo with Fudo.
It is the excellent orchid and lily, but, in fact, this is all artificial flower with the thing which a believer of Osaka dedicated fantastically.
Management sometimes dedicated seasonal Kyoto in the future to a little less than 40 degrees heat more than 30 degrees very much day after day as I did not have the flower arrangement with a day because it was.
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