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Look at the acting as a go-between doll fox; a lottery votive tablet torii

Look at the acting as a go-between doll fox; a lottery

Matchmaking acting as a go-between doll
Carefully made Kyoto Tachikichi (one set of three bodies)
(11.5cm in height of the doll with the lantern)
Money offered to God charges 5,000 yen
Postage 1,000 yen
Look at the fox; a lottery
Only as for Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), it is a lottery case
One money offered to God charges 500 yen
(4.3cm in height)
​Postage 1-30 1,000 yen

Votive tablet (design Chie Okumura)

Matchmaking acting as a go-between votive tablet
Money offered to God charges 800 yen
(high 9cm X 13.5cm in width)
Postage 360 yen
Prayer votive tablet
Money offered to God charges 800 yen
(high 9cm X 13.5cm in width)
Postage 360 yen
Picture Umatate made of choice wood Kitayama cedar of Kyoto
Money offered to God charges 800 yen
(the votive tablet is not included)
Postage 510 yen
I can send it to votive tablet and the picture 2, Matate set for 510 yen.

Kitayama cedar

The choice wood which is produced in Kitayama of Kyoto known as the stage of the novel "ancient city" of Yasunari Kawabata. "A tree of Kyoto"
Kitayama log is a tradition industrial art object of Kyoto to boast of the history for 600 years when it is smooth, and the skin of the tree with the luster and minute grain of wood are indispensable to free-standing tea ceremony room architecture of tea-ceremony room and Kyoto beautifully to.
Katsura Rikyu Imperial Villa, Shugakuin Imperial Villa, Shimabara Sumiya are representative buildings of the sukiya style using the Kitayama log.

Stand cedar of Kitayama

Stand cedar age of a tree approximately 300 years of the Araki Jinja
The Kitayama cedar which was pruned in unique silviculture method "daisugishiritsu te" which was thought out in Kitayama to gather a thin log called taruki.
I bring up several trunks from one stock and update it like a forest having one one stock. Growth suffers from this tree very much for around 20 years so that a diameter becomes 6-7 centimeters late. "A picture backstage storage space" and "the candlestick" of the Araki Jinja original are produced in this taruki.
The late years level cedar became often planted as a garden tree by the beautiful figure.


Large 5,000 yen (40cm in height, 41cm in width)
Middle 3,000 yen (29cm in height, 29cm in width)
Small 1,300 yen (19.5cm in height, 21cm in width)
The names of the dedicator write the toriis more than 3,000 yen.
Dedication torii 20,000 yen, 15,000 yen, 10,000 yen, 7,000 yen
I accept it by a reservation.
I can ship only small 1,300 yen.
Postage 1,000 yen

Application for conferment product by the mail (only in the country)

The one having difficult worship takes a conferment product by mail by circumstances.
Please apply than a conferment product application form.
The postage varies according to conferment products. You check it, and apply.
The thing that the postage written on the cover does not have a proviso is one amount of money nationwide.

About an application by the mail

① At first you fill in a matter more necessary than "the form for exclusive use of the conferment product application ", and please apply.
② Please remit the total of money offered to God charges and the postage in a postal transfer next. Please bear the transfer fee.
  A postal transfer takes approximately 3 days to arrive.
③ After confirming the receipt of money of money offered to God charges, I send a conferment product.
Shipment may take time by festival events. Thank you for your understanding.
Please refer over an inquiry form or a telephone if you have any questions.
Araki Jinja
12-3, Fukakusakaidoguchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
TEL. 075-643-0651
FAX. 075-644-0170
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