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Heisei 29 - Nagoshisai Report

Nagoshisai Festival

Heisei 29 - Nagoshisai

Heisei 29/7/1 from 8 am - we went to the main temple of Araki Jinja.
In front of the shrine, we are preparing a kaya ring to give to those who applied for the doll.
① Shubatsu Harae
② Harae with a skewer
③ Seated
④ Playing congratulatory words
⑤ Tamagushi
⑥ End of the festival

Nagoshisai Shinto ritual

Heisei 29/7/2 from 1 pm - we held the "Kaya no Wa Kuguri Shinto ritual" in the precincts of Araki Jinja.
It was sunny and sometimes cloudy, and the weather was hot and humid, but it ended without delay with the participation of many believers.
① You are ready.
② Please gather in front of the main shrine.
③ Cleanse yourself with Kirinusa.
④ Oharae
⑤ Everyone chants the Oharae.
⑥ The priest holds the doll and goes through the ring of Kaya.
⑦ Go through the ring of Kaya with the priest at the top.
⑧ Go through three times while chanting the chanting words together.
⑨ It ends with the greeting of the priest.

Kaya no Wa production

June 29, 6 Nagoshisai I made a ring of Kaya in preparation for the Shinto ritual.
① Attach Kaya to the core
② Wrap it with a string from above again.
③ You can make a thick bundle of chili.
④ Attach it to the support.
⑤ Adjust the shape and fix it.
⑥ Note: It is completed by stretching the rope.
Araki Jinja
12-3, Fukakusakaidoguchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
FAX: 075-644-0170
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