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2017 Nagoshisai report

Nagoshisai festival

2017 Nagoshisai

I did saikochi in the main hall of the Araki Jinja from 8:00 a.m. on July 1, 2017.
I prepare for the ring of the Japanese nutmeg to hand to a person proposed a doll to before the alter.
①shuharai (X to learn) haraigenyo*jo
②Shinto prayer in shuharaiharaikushi
③Taking a seat
⑥The festival end

Evade the ring of the Nagoshisai Japanese nutmeg; Shinto ritual

"I evaded the ring of the Japanese nutmeg and held Shinto ritual" in the Araki Jinja precincts from 1:00 p.m. on July 2, 2017.
It was fine and it was cloudy weather, hot and humid weather, but I had you participate in large number of believers and was sometimes finished without delay.
① Preparations were set.
② Please gather in front of a main hall.
③ I cleanse the body in setsuma (kirinusa).
④ Great purification
⑤ I advocate great purification in all the members.
⑥ A chief priest evades the ring of the Japanese nutmeg with a doll.
⑦ With Shinto priesthood in the lead, I evade the ring of the Japanese nutmeg.
⑧ I pass three times while singing, and crying out words in all the members.
⑨ It is the end with the greetings of the chief priest.

Ring production of the Japanese nutmeg

I produced the ring of the Japanese nutmeg as Nagoshisai Shinto ritual preparations on June 27, 2017.
① I tie a Japanese nutmeg to a core
② I bind it with a string once again from the top.
③ The bundle of big Japanese nutmegs is made.
④ I am attached to a prop.
⑤ I fix the form and fix it.
⑥ I put a Shinto straw festoon and am the completion.
Araki Jinja
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