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Reiwa 4 - Festival/Event Report

Reiwa4 Anniversary Festival

The year-end festival was held on January 1st from 7 am.
Offerings to the gods in the precincts

Reiwa 4 Hatsuuma Festival

The Hatsuuma Festival was held from 8am on 2/10.

On 2/3, we distributed the Setsubun Festival to those who came to worship the beans of Setsubun.
Setsubun festival beans
The plum blossoms have begun to bloom.

Reiwa 4 Spring Festival

The Spring Festival was held from on May 1st from 8 am.

Reiwa 4 Nagoshisai

Reiwa 4/7/1 - from 8 am, Nagoshisai was held.
After the festival was held at the main shrine, the priest passed through the ring of Kaya with a doll requested by a believer. 

I made a ring of Kaya on 6/29.

Kaya no Wa production



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