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Reiwa 3 - Nagoshisai Information

Nagoshisai Information on Shinto rituals

  7/1 (Thurs) from 8 am
    Only the festival at the main shrine
Kaya no Wakuro
In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will not hold the Kaya no Wakuro Shinto ritual this year.
From 7/1 to 7/4, we will set up a Kaya no Wakuro, so you will have to go through each one to cleanse.

About the Nagoshisai and Kaya no Wakuro Shinto rituals

A long time ago in the gods, Susano Onomikoto asked the brothers of Kotan Shorai and Somin Shorai for accommodation during their journey. Wealthy giants refused to stay in the future, but Somin Shorai was poor but hospitable. After that, Susano Onomikoto visited again and gave the Somin Shorai a ring of kaya, saying that if he wore it and made a ring of kaya, he could avoid disasters. And when the epidemic broke out, the Somin Shorai family fell ill, but the Somin Shorai family, who wore a kaya ring, were saved.
Following this ancient affair, Kaya has a spirit of purifying the mind and body as a sacred plant. It was a Shinto ritual to pray for disease-free breathing.

Kaya no Wa Kuguri Shinto ritual

Every year, all the attendees chant "Onusa" in front of the main shrine, and then sprinkle kirinusa (hemp and finely chopped paper) on their shoulders to cleanse themselves.
Then, while chanting "Minazuki's Natsukoshi's worshiper ...", he goes through the ring of Kaya three times, starting with the priest holding a doll.
This year, we will not hold the "Kaya no Wa Kuguri Shinto ritual" together to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
Please go through the ring of Kaya and pray.
Kaya no Wakuro  7/1 to 7/4

About Nagoshisai doll application

Write your name and age on the right sample doll (Hitogata) by hand, blow on it three times, put it in the application envelope, and apply in advance.
On the day of the festival, the priest holds a doll and goes through the ring of Kaya at the time of the Shinto ritual.
Those who apply for dolls will be given a ring of kaya to hang for one year in each household.
 Doll application fee per 1 household: 2,000 yen

This year, please apply by 6/30.

About Nagoshisai heihaku (offerings)

For those who donated more than 10,000 yen to Nagoshisai this year
 Kyoto Tachikichi
will award "Tokusa Bowl Two Customers" (12.5 cm square, height 5 cm).

(The total application for the doll is 12,000 yen.)

About application for invitation

Household Kaya no Wa
We will send a Nagoshisai invitation and a doll to those who wish.
If you have difficulty worshiping due to various reasons, we also accept prayers by mail.
Please apply from the invitation application form.
If you apply from the invitation application form, we will send you the invitation, dolls (6 bodies), doll application reply envelope, and postal transfer form. (If you have 1 or more family members, please write the number of people in the remarks column. We will send dolls for the number of people. One family will live together.)
Fill in the dolls with your own handwriting (if you can't do it, you can use a ghostwriter). Breathe in 3 times and put it in a doll application reply envelope with a stamp and send it to our shrine by the day before God.Please remit the doll application fee and offerings by postal transfer.
From July 1st, worshipers will be awarded a household kaya ring.
For those who could not worship, we will send a ring of Kaya about one week after the Shinto ritual.
Araki Jinja
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TEL. 075-643-0651
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